Become a superstar in public speaking.

Practice your presentation skills in virtual reality.
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Speech up.

vGrounds offers advanced presentation and free speech trainings in Virtual Reality.

Virtual Audiences

Our VR environments provide virtual audiences in conferencing centers, auditoriums, and meeting rooms for you to practice in a realistic environment.

Quantifiable Success

Our detailed performance reports and optional real-time feedback ensure fast progress and easy success tracking.

Algorithmic Intelligence

vGrounds detects and feeds back critical parameters like tone & speed of voice, body & eye movement, and heart rate.

Get real-life training
Measure your results
Improve faster than anybody else

Helping you be the perfect speaker

Make the most of vGrounds and transform yourself into a fantastic public speaker.

It's affordable

vGrounds doesn't mean you purchase any expensive equipment. We provide you with everything you need to get started with training.

We're flexible

Train whenever and wherever you please. Practice for as long as you need to be the most confident public speaker before your the next presentation hits.

You're measurable

Your skills are unique. You're provided with a detailed performance report after every training session. Track your progress and tackle your problem areas.

Your training awaits

Total Immersion

We've capitalized on technological innovation to provide you with the most realistic training situations possible.


Every training session helps clients become more confident, efficient, and powerful in conveying the right message at the right time.


You're delivered measurable results from us, with our solution coming at a much lower cost than anything else on the market.


Our offer, your future

Public speaking is a must when you're trying to move up in the world. Some of the globe's greatest minds captivate their audiences. You can too.

On-site training

Everything is brought to your office. Working with us is hassle-free.

Face-to-face Feedback

Our specialists provide performance feedback directly based on your data.

Track results online

Revisit your session performances online and see how you're progressing.

Customized environments

We can build virtual environments exactly like your individual conferencing rooms.

All-in-one service

Our fees include both the use of hardware and software.

Hardware/software leasing possible

If you want to keep practicing in-house, you can rent our equipment as often as you like.


Let's speech up together.